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Most parents and athletes don’t know where to start or why to use a recruiting service for college sports. That’s where CBJ comes in. We know how the sports recruiting process works and what college coaches are looking for in potential athletes. Based on your needs, CBJ has several packages that can fit any budget.

With video being the #1 tool college coaches use when evaluating athletes, it is critical that the skills videos you are presenting to college coaches are of the highest quality possible. With the new CBJ 3.0, athletes can upload their own videos and utilize all of our recruiting tools to help them get recruited. If you need more help, CBJ offers video packages that will give college coaches a great first impression of your skills. In the last 5 years, 99% of our Pro Series athletes have been recruited. Click on the “Continue Your Recruiting Process” tab to see the different options that are available and how we can get you to get off the sidelines and into the best sports colleges.