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If you want to play at the college level you’ve come to the right place. CBJ has helped thousands of athletes across the country get recruited by college coaches at all levels. The key to getting recruited is knowing what college coaches would be interested in your skill set. Are you a D1, D2, or NAIA athlete? Or are you a D3 or Junior College athlete? Knowing your skill level will save you a lot of time and frustration during the recruiting process.  The best way to get your talents evaluated is by getting several opinions. Talk to experienced High School and Club Coaches that have seen you compete. You can also attend different college camps at different levels and ask those coaches for their evaluation of your abilities.  Once you have established what level you are most likely going to be recruited, you need to start sending coaches in those divisions your Skills and Highlight Videos.

Because coaches are being contacted by hundreds and sometimes thousands of athletes, video has become the #1 tool college coaches use when evaluating athletes. For this reason, it is critical that the videos you are presenting to college coaches are of the highest quality possible. Depending on the sport you play will determine what kind of video you should send to college coaches.  If you are a Baseball or Softball Player college coaches prefer Skills Videos to get a good look at your fundamentals. In most other sports, college coaches prefer Game Highlights to make their evaluations. Many times, these highlights can be assembled for free on HUDL as part of your High Schools HUDL package.

How does CBJ help you get recruited? We make it easy to contact college coaches all over the country. The CBJ Website allows you to link your Skills or Highlight Videos from Youtube or HUDL straight to your CBJ webpage. With our powerful CBJ Contact Center you can contact any college coach in the country (in your sport). Your CBJ webpage will tell you when coaches have opened your messages, and when they have accessed your profile. CBJ also does weekly webinars to answer any recruiting questions you have, to make sure you understand how to build your CBJ Profile, and how to use all the recruiting tools on your Webpage.

If you are a Baseball or Softball Player, please click the Baseball and Softball Tab below to get more information on Skills Videos and your recruiting process. If you play any other sport, please click the MVP Tab below and you can start getting recruited TODAY.