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Welcome College Coaches to CBJ 3.0! We know that as a college coach, your time is valuable. At College Bound Jocks we like to think of ourselves as your new volunteer assistant coach. We have produced over 1,000 skills videos and we assist our athletes by guiding them to their appropriate conference level based on their sports ability. Our number one goal is to place student athletes where they will be able to successfully compete. For this reason, if you receive a video profile directly from CBJ it is because that athlete has demonstrated abilities that are consistent with athletes at your conference level. 

When you sign up and get verified, you will have access to more advanced search features that are only available to college coaches who sign into their CBJ Account. It’s never been easier to search and save potential recruits on your own personal page. Need to know more? Sign in and we’ll have a video explaining all the benefits of CBJ 3.0 and how we can assist you in your sports recruiting season.

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