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The biggest mistake parents and athletes make in the recruiting process is that they attend camps and email coaches at colleges that are unlikely to recruit them. With the CBJ Pro Series Package we will provide you with a professional athletic assessment. Based on that assessment we will send your video profile to the appropriate college coaches in the geographic areas you want to attend College.

Also, with the Pro-Series Package you will be able to host up to 8 videos on your CBJ webpage where you will be searchable by every College Coach in the Country. You will also have access to the CBJ Contact Center where you can reach out to college coaches across the country and share your video profile information with them. CBJ also uses social media platforms to promote their athletes. You can share your weekly highlights with College Coaches via several CBJ social media platforms right from your own CBJ webpage.

If you need help navigating through the recruiting process then the CBJ Pro-Series Package is perfect for you! Sign up now to have immediate access to your own CBJ webpage and all of its benefits. One of our team members will contact you within 24 hours to set up your athletic evaluation and start developing your recruiting plan.

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We do that! We can help edit video you already have, or we can professionally shoot and edit a custom skills video just for you. Check out our Video Package Pricing!

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Host Up To 8 Videos on your own Webpage

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