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CBJ is a must for athletes wanting to play at the colligate level. It has integrity in every corner They’ll work hard for “You”. We have learned a deeper dedication through their example to their family of athletes. Starting from the organized office staff to the positive filming crew ... it comes back full circle to Brian Chidester, the man that will speak on your athletes behalf with the same belief in them as you have, rare & refreshing, they'll get you where you're meant to be. An extremely positive experience along with a bond for life.

Cindy Blaska Parent 12/14/2015

My name is Greg Cruthers. Brian helped give my daughter Hayley the opportunity to live her dream and play college softball. She was being recruited by some big D1 schools, but in the fall of her senior year in high school was only offered preferred walk-ons. Brian shot a skills video and contacted several college coaches. The response was overwhelming!


We kept hearing the same story: "We thought she was already committed. We would love to have you visit our college and make you an offer." Brian was getting contacted by colleges all across the Mid-West asking about Hayley. Before the end of the fall tournament season, Hayley committed to Ball State University.


I cannot overemphasize the importance and value of having a skills video, which I wrote about on my Softball Journey blog. Brian is professional and easy to work with. Unlike some of the big name recruiting services that charge thousands of dollars, Brian has credibility and respect. He will not send a Junior College prospect's video/profile to D1 coaches, which saves them time and money and earns their trust.


Brian's services will be the single best investment you make for your daughter (period). I have suggested Brian's services to many friends and softball parents.

Greg Cruthers Parent 12/14/2015

I can't thank College Bound Jocks enough for their advice and guidance during Jake's junior year in high school.  From the moment my son sat down with CBJ and talked about his hopes and dream schools, we started to get a clear picture of what we should expect. The video was edited and sent out by CBJ and really, the rest is history.  Jake received immediate responses and as the coaches and college visits started, CBJ fielded all of our questions and calmed all of our fears.  They were straightforward and honest; enthusiastic and supportive.  It was hard to believe that on a snowy day in January, my son listed Harvard as one of his top three schools.  It was six months later, after a CBJ email and several conversations with coaches that my son left the head coach's office at Harvard, confident that he had found his home for college football and a quality education.


Given their vast experience and support throughout the process, the investment was worth every penny.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Kristine Barann Parent 12/14/2015

If your daughter seriously wants to play college softball, a skills video from College Bound Jocks is the place for your daughter to start her recruiting journey. Parents, you've spent thousands of dollars on player's fees, hotel rooms, gas, food on the road and let's not forget about those bats, gloves, lessons, camps and clinics. Your daughter's skills video is NOT a step in this process you want to skip. In my opinion, it's the single most important step to take in the recruiting process. A quality skills video is the best tool for your daughter to have to be able to promote herself to college coaches and the ONLY place to get that video done is with Brian Chidester from College Bound Jocks.


Brian and his partner, Bill, made my daughter feel comfortable from beginning to end while shooting her video. They gave her pointers during the shoot that helped her to look as professional as possible. They spent plenty of unhurried time on the shoot and then spoke to us at length afterwards. The edited video exceeded any expectations we had, but the equally important part of our experience with College Bound Jocks was yet to come.


Great, you took the first step and got your daughter's video shot. Please take the next step and have Brian send your video out to colleges and promote your player. After my daughter's video went out, she immediately got lots of responses from all over the midwest, northeast and some southern states. Our journey officially began. Every step of the way, we knew that if we had any questions, (and there were plenty!) or if any situations arose with a coach or a visit, we had a go-to guy in Brian Chidester. He's a kind patient man and is extremely knowledgeable about every single part of the recruiting process. He knows what the coaches are looking for and your daughter's video will be shot with that in mind. I can't tell you how grateful we were to have someone with the answers in our corner. Because of his background, Brian has credibility with college coaches and his knowledge of recruiting was invaluable to us. In addition to that, he was my daughter's champion and gave us moral support, guidance and encouragement every step of the way. My daughter developed such fondness for Brian, that to this day, she still communicates with him to share her successes.


After lots of visits and a handful of generous offers, my daughter is now a member of the softball team at the University of Southern Indiana. NONE of the coaches that made offers to my daughter had ever seen her play softball in person. They made their decision based on the quality of her skills video and Brian's word that she was a hard worker and could play the game at the college level. Thank you College Bound Jocks!!!

Lynn Logan Parent 12/14/2015

Thank you College Bound Jocks for creating my skills video. You took the time to create a video that was well edited to showcase my softball skills. This video was the main ingredient needed in getting me recruited. Lake Superior State University had never seen me play but watched my skills video that was emailed to them. It gave me the edge I needed to now play at the next level at LSSU.

Mandy Rosol Athlete 12/14/2015

College Bound Jocks was incredibly beneficial in getting our daughter through the recruiting process. They started with a great video which highlighted all of her strengths. They were so encouraging and helpful during the filming to make sure that they got the best tape of her possible. Brian touched base with us a few times during the process to see what kind of interest our daughter was getting. Any time we started to think that interest was waning, College Bound Jocks would push out her information and we would get a flood of new interest. When our daughter did get some solid offers, College Bound Jocks wasn't finished. We called them with questions about the programs she was interested in and through their connections and experience they were able to give us the information we needed to make an informed decision. It all ended with our daughter getting the best offer from the school she wanted to go to the most. Great job College Bound Jocks!

Mark Franz Parent 12/14/2015